Our solutions are for physicians who make art. Who chose this specialty to help people feel better in their bodies and to help them regain confidence in themselves.

Bio-revitalization of the Skin

Instant hydration and immediate effect

Get a better look

Restores the moisture balance of the skin
promotes renewal and recovery 

Achieving healthy skin

Composition providing protection in depth

Bright Hair

Stimulates micro-circulation of the scalp
and improves the walls of blood vessels 

A little better every day with Rene-Care

Improve the health of your skin day after day with Rene-Med soft cosmetics

Rene-Hair Spray

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Rene-Skin Retrieval

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Rene-Mask Hyaluronic

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Rene-Day Intensive

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René-Daily Care Eyes

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Shape and mold the image of your patient to your liking

Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Mantoplasty, Injections, Peeling, Liftiling... our solutions are designed to support you in the realization of the masterpiece you want to accomplish. Easy to use and efficient, our solutions will save you valuable time.

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