Get a better look

Eye rejuvenation procedure

The René-Eye preparation is specifically designed for procedures to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, reduce swelling, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, as well as age-related changes and improve drainage in the periorbital areas.

Toning effect,
an intense moisturizing action

Hyaluronic acid, not reticulated

Absorbable hyaluronic acid is of biotechnological and non-animal origin. Combined with a protective pad that helps prolong the effect. It has a molecular weight adapted to be able to penetrate the skin
René-Eye is specially formulated to tone, moisturize and fight against the signs of skin aging around the eyes

"Join the useful to the pleasant"

Neat packaging

In order to meet the demand of our Doctors who wish to find a solid, safe and aesthetically pleasing packaging, we have designed the René-Med box.
No need to hide your products anymore. Highlight your favorite solutions. On a display or shelf without fear of breakage or fear that the box won't look good enough.

Un look parfait

Rene-Med is a complete range of subtle filling solutions based on hyaluronic acid that offers you the possibility to offer your patients a tailor-made treatment according to the area to be treated.