Peeling imperceptible to others

Protective performance and easier recovery after the procedure

Peeling sûr et efficace, approuvé pour une utilisation fréquente. Il se distingue des autres peelings superficiels par la présence d'acide phytique dans sa composition. Présente des performances protectrices et antioxydantes élevées, permettant une récupération plus facile après la procédure.

Ce phyto-peeling est prescrit pour les patients qui préfèrent avoir un peeling qui sera imperceptible par les autres.

Peeling imperceptible to others

Protective performance and easier recovery after the procedure
Safe and effective peeling, approved for frequent use. It is distinguished from other superficial peelings by the presence of phytic acid in its composition. Has high protective and antioxidant performance, making recovery easier after the procedure.
This phyto-peeling is prescribed for patients who prefer to have a peeling that will be imperceptible by others.


Apply the peeling in circular movements evenly over the area to be treated.


The layers must be applied one by one, without friction or drying of the solution between applications.


When the patient feels tingling, apply the last layer.

Phytopeling Еasy Phytic Peel (EPP) is a chemical peeling for the treatment of the superficial layers of the skin. 

The solution contains 4 acids (рH~-1):

  • Lactic (17 %),
  • Glycolyse (14 %),
  • Amygdaline (5 %),
  • Phytic (1,2 %),

These acids are able to slow the release and neutralize by the skin buffer system.

  • Progressive

        Progressive and controlled impact on the skin.

  • Several active constituents

        Complete interaction with all constituents.

  • Phytic Acid

        Presence of phytic acid in its composition. A natural substance of plant origin.

  • The 50 ml phyto peeling solution (ЕРP) is stored in the glass bottle and is indicated for 20-25 procedures.
  • The set also contains a bag with cotton pads to be used as applicators, as well as instructions for use and application.

  • Procedures can be performed 1 to 2 times a week, to maintain the desired positive effect, apply 1 to 2 times a month.
  • Number of recommended procedures: 5 - 10 procedures

  • Keep between + 5° С and + 35° С
  • Use used packaging according to sanitary and hygienic standards and claims.

  • Allergic reactions to one of the constituents.
  • Not recommended for infections and skin lesions.

Application areas:

  • Prophylaxie et traitement du photovieillissement;
  • Sécheresse cutanée;
  • Hyperpigmentation superficielle;
  • Peau d'adolescent à problèmes;
  • Acné, post-acné
  • Gestion des éléments inflammatoires;
  • Amélioration de la couleur et de la tension de la peau;
  • Elimination of fine lines, lifting

Consult the procedure sheet and video


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